Will sexy underwear be infected?

What is sexy underwear?

情趣内衣,又称性感内衣,是一种特制的内衣,样式多样,涵盖贴身的内衣、睡衣,布料常采用蕾丝、透明网格或者是皮革,通常含有许多性感元素,如蕾丝、蝴蝶结、高腰, Stripes and so on.

Is sexy underwear easy to cause disease?

Many people generally believe that wearing erotic underwear can cause some diseases, such as vaginitis, mold infections, and skin allergies. Are these diseases really exist?

Pseudo -sexy underwear is very easy to cause disease

In order to make money, some merchants will add some unhygienic additives to their own products. This will easily cause various diseases, such as vaginitis and itching of the skin, and such additives will cause serious harm to health.Therefore, we must pay special attention to choosing regular merchants when buying sexy underwear.

Does the habit of wearing underwear cause diseases?

Because everyone’s habits are different, some people wore underwear to sleep, and some people do not wear them. Will this affect health?

Can we wear sexy underwear to cause vaginitis?

Wearing erotic underwear does not cause an increase in the incidence of vaginitis.In fact, vaginitis is caused by a variety of factors, including personal hygiene conditions, pressure, hormones and sexual life.

Does sex underwear have breathing?

Is it easy for people to feel sullen and impermeable when wearing sexy underwear?Some high -quality erotic underwear are made of materials with better breathability, such as lace, which have excellent breathability and comfort.

How to buy comfortable sexy underwear?

To buy comfortable erotic underwear, it is best to buy according to your body shape and preferences. In addition, pay attention to the quality of the fabric to ensure the breathability and not excessive friction and calories.

How to clean sexy underwear?

Because the material of sexy underwear is generally more fine, you must pay attention to details when cleaning.Generally, it is recommended to wash it with a sexy underwear, and clean it under warm water to avoid damage.

Why wear sexy underwear?

The main advantage of wearing sex underwear is sexy, which can enhance self -confidence and charm, and can also make the sex life between couples more emotional and increase interest.

How to wear sexy underwear correctly?

Interest underwear should be worn correctly to avoid damaging underwear and personal privacy.When wearing, you should follow the design of the underwear, adjust the size before putting on the underwear, so as to avoid damage and discomfort.

in conclusion

Interest underwear itself does not cause disease, but if the material is poor or unclean, it will easily cause disease.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must choose a brand with reliable brands and follow the tips to ensure both health and sexy.

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