Will boys help girls buy sexy underwear?

Boys pay for underwear?

When a girl wants to buy sexy underwear, she usually finds her favorite style in the underwear shop or online shopping platform, and then buy or send the sexy linked to the purchase of the purchase of the purchase of the purchase of the purchase of the purchase of the sexy linked to her boyfriend to buy it. Does this mean that this meansBoys are willing to help girls buy sexy underwear?

Boys’ thoughts

Most boys’ understanding of sexy underwear may be limited to sexy, temptation and stimulation, rather than pay more attention to the materials, styles and sizes of underwear.Therefore, for some boys, they may feel embarrassed or confused when buying sexy underwear.

Girls’ expectations

In contrast, girls hope that her boyfriend can give her more suggestions and help when buying sexy underwear, such as helping her determine the correct size and choose suitable styles, instead of just paying attention to sexy.Therefore, some girls tend to let her boyfriend help buy sexy underwear because they think that this can get a better shopping experience.

The importance of communication between men and women

However, when buying sexy underwear, the communication between men and women is very important.Girls need to tell her boyfriend the style and size they want, and her boyfriend needs to give reasonable suggestions and opinions, and respect the choice of girlfriends, and show sufficient patience and carefulness during the shopping process.

Size problem

When buying sexy underwear, the size is usually a key issue.Girls need to clearly know their size and figure, while her boyfriend needs to understand the size standards of different brands and the type of sexy underwear suitable for various types of sexy underwear, so as to give the most suitable suggestions.


In addition to size problems, style is also a factor that needs to be considered.Some girls like fancy styles, while others prefer simple and generous designs.Therefore, her boyfriend needs to respect the aesthetics and preferences of his girlfriend when buying a sexy underwear, and give reasonable suggestions as much as possible.

Brand selection

Brand is another factor that needs to be considered when buying sexy underwear.Some brands focus on sexy, while others pay more attention to the comfort and quality of underwear.Boyfriend needs to give the most suitable brand choice according to the needs and preferences of his girlfriend.


At the same time, shopping methods also need to be considered.Girls can choose to shop online or physical stores, and her boyfriend needs to choose the appropriate shopping method according to his girlfriend’s preferences and needs, and give appropriate suggestions during the shopping process.

The embarrassing situation when buying

However, some men are still embarrassed because they buy sexy underwear.In this case, girlfriend can consider going to the underwear shop with her boyfriend or to go online to choose to buy fun underwear to break the embarrassing emotions that may exist.

in conclusion

In short, boys may help girls buy sexy lingerie, but the premise is that they need good communication and understanding, and they need to meet the various needs of girls’ size, style, brand, and shopping.At the same time, girls can also consider respecting the embarrassing feelings of her boyfriend, and use the way to shop with her boyfriend to resolve this embarrassment.

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