Why is there no picture evaluation of sexy underwear

Why is there no picture evaluation in sex underwear

In online shopping, the comments of products and picture evaluation have become an important reference basis for consumers to shop. In the pages of many products, we will see a lot of useful user reviews and interesting photos, but do you thinkAfter that, why is there no picture evaluation in sex underwear?


At present, many shopping platforms have restricted policies. They do not allow sexy underwear to appear too obviously explicit content, and cannot be excessively exposed to sexy elements.Therefore, the main reason for the lack of picture evaluation of sexy underwear is that the platform has promulgated restricted policies.

Consider the embarrassment of consumers

Compared with other ordinary clothing, sexy underwear may have embarrassment and difficulty for many people, which makes it difficult for people to display them in public. Therefore, in order to avoid consumers’ embarrassment, merchants generally do not advocate photos of photos of uploading sex underwear uploaded ones of sexy underwear.It will not show the photos evaluation in the page, so as not to make consumers feel embarrassed during the shopping process.

From ethical perspective

From the perspective of moral ethics, merchants are unwilling to use too sensitive information on advertisements and pictures, and they cannot disclose the privacy of consumers, so as not to cause unnecessary social controversy.

Facing different cultures

The differences in different countries and regions are also one of the reasons for restricting sexy underwear on the Internet.For some countries and regions that emphasize conservatives, the display of sexy underwear is very difficult to pass review and pass. In order to avoid violating the local culture, merchants will reduce the display of interest underwear. In addition to displaying the models of the model, it rarely shows other consumers.Uploaded photos.

Gradually popularize

At the same time, the development of sexy underwear has also proved that it is gradually becoming popular. In addition, with the continuous progress and opening up of society, people will be more and more acceptable to sexy underwear. I hope that more forms and display on the Internet can be seen on the Internet in the future.Way.

Recommend some reliable shopping platforms

If you are a lovers of sexy underwear and do not know which sexy underwear of the shopping platform is more reliable, then the following is recommended to you some platforms worth trying, such as the ultimate women, Yi Xiu, and so on.These platforms provide rich diverse and good quality sexy underwear, and the price is relatively reasonable.

overall evaluation

In general, although there is no large number of pictures on the Internet on the Internet, sex underwear, as a novel clothing, is gradually becoming gradually popular, and may appear in the near future.People can make choices more convenient and reliable.


As a sexy underwear expert, we need to pay more attention to the development, promotion and display of sexy underwear, and hope that the sexy underwear industry can develop more standardized and provide satisfactory services for consumers.

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