Where is the storage of sexy underwear?

The importance of sexy underwear storage

Storage of sexy underwear can be described as a science. The correct way of storage can not only extend the life of the underwear, but also maintain the appearance and freshness of the underwear.Therefore, this article will introduce you in detail the importance of sexy underwear and correct storage methods.

Sexy underwear storage methods of different materials

Different erotic underwear materials are not the same.For example, the erotic lingerie of the silk should not be suspended. It is best to put it in the drawer in a stacked method.The cotton erotic underwear can be suspended, but be careful not to spread it on the suspension frame. It is best to put the shoulder strap of the underwear in the hanger, and then buckle the hook.

Good ventilation environment

The ventilation environment is also very important for the storage of fun underwear.Especially in a humid environment, sexy underwear is easy to mold and deform.Therefore, the storage position of sexy underwear should choose a dry and ventilated place, and it is best not to put it directly in the sun.

Fun underwear classification storage

The classification of sexy underwear according to style and function is not only easy to use, but also more conducive to maintenance.For example, sexy underwear of different colors is best stored separately to avoid dyeing.If there are many fun underwear, such as two styles: shoulder straps and shoulder straps, it is best to store separately.

Replace the underwear stored position regularly

Although the storage position of the underwear may be the most ideal, we still need to replace the storage position regularly to avoid the underwear for a long time in the same position, causing deformation and damage.

Avoid squeezing storage

The material of the sexy underwear is relatively soft, so you must pay attention to avoid squeezing when stored. For example, you must not stuff a lot of underwear in a small drawer. It is best to put or hang or hang or hang the underwear.

Underwear box use

Underwear box is a container that is particularly suitable for sexy underwear. It not only facilitates our storage, but also has a beautiful appearance.There are multiple partitions and transparent designs that are convenient for us to use underwear and not affect the placement of other underwear.

Pay attention to cleaning

Before storage, be sure to ensure that the sexy underwear is dry and clean.We need to clean the underwear and then dry it to store it.If you find that the erotic underwear is stained or odor during the storage process, it is best to remove it first before relying.

Seasonal storage

With the replacement of the seasons, we need to change the storage position of sexy underwear.For example, in summer, we can put thick erotic underwear at the bottom of the wardrobe, and put thin sexy underwear at the top of the cabinet to avoid occupying too much space.


The correct storage method can extend the life of the sexy underwear, improve the appearance of the underwear and maintain freshness.Therefore, when storing sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to the following aspects: select the appropriate storage location, and store them according to the material and use to avoid squeezing, paying attention to cleaning, and replacing the storage position regularly.

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