What’s wrong with the taste of sexy underwear?

The taste of the underwear

Opening underwear is a sexy underwear with a strong design sense.However, some people will find that the sexy lingerie they buy is very heavy, which makes people feel trouble.What causes this smell?This article will answer you in detail.

The source of the opening underwear

The root cause of the opening underwear comes from dyes and fabrics.Many sexy underwear uses dyes containing chemical ingredients for printing and dyeing. If these chemical components are not cleaned thoroughly, it will bring flavor to the underwear.In addition, underwear fabrics may also have odor, such as they may be exposed to other flavor substances during the production process.

How to deal with the taste of opening underwear

There are several ways to try to eliminate the odor of underwear.First of all, you can wash according to the instructions in the washing instructions, clean the underwear with neutral detergent and warm water to ensure full washing.In addition, you can add some bleaching agents to ensure that the underwear has no color before using this method.In addition, using lemon juice and vinegar to neutralize the taste is also a feasible method.

How to prevent the taste of opening underwear

Avoiding underwear with poor quality is the best way to prevent taste.It is a good choice to buy underwear with high brand awareness and guaranteed quality.At the same time, choose natural fabrics as much as possible, such as cotton or silk, and their taste is more elegant.

How to store underwear

Storage of underwear also affects the taste.It is important to keep underwear dry, because humidity can make bacteria breed and produce odor.Underwear should be placed in the cabinet to avoid sunlight and humid environment.


The precautions during washing are also very important.Before cleaning, you should check the washing instructions on the label.Some underwear can only be washed by hand, and others can be placed in a washing machine.When using laundry powder, liquid detergent and care agent, keep the basic principles: use according to the instructions.Excessive use of detergent is not only harmful to clothing, but also makes clothes strange.

Dry precautions

The precautions for dry underwear are also very important.The label of the underwear will indicate the drying method, such as the drying of the shelf or the machine.If the machine is dry, the low temperature mode should be used.If the shelf is dry, the underwear should be hung in a ventilated place.Avoid direct exposure to the underwear in the dryer, which will make them hard and produce.

Methods of different materials underwear

Different fabric materials require different treatment methods.For example, cotton underwear can choose essential oils by choosing essential oils without using laundry powder.The tightly structured silk or pure linen underwear is best to wash by hand, and it will shrink with a washing machine to clean the sweater.

Precautions for maintaining underwear

In addition to the matters that need attention when cleaning and dry underwear, daily maintenance is also important.Keeping the cleanliness and careful treatment of the underwear can maintain the freshness of the underwear for a long time.When storing underwear, the underwear should be folded neatly to avoid high temperature and humid environment.In addition, it should be avoided with long -term contact with underwear.


The strong flavor of the opening underwear is usually caused by the chemical components in the dyes and fabrics.In order to deal with and prevent the taste, you should buy underwear with high brand awareness and guaranteed quality to avoid using excessive detergents and dryers.In daily use, pay attention to keep the underwear dry and stored, or use lemon juice and vinegar to neutralize.

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