What sexy underwear looks good for fat?

How do fat girls look better to wear sexy underwear?

Sex underwear can change our image and psychological feelings, making us more confident and sexy.But for some fat girls, what kind of sexy underwear can choose to better show their advantages?Below, I will introduce some sexy underwear suitable for fat girls.

Loose waist and sexy underwear

If you are worried that your fat waist will affect the effect of wearing sexy underwear, then the sexy underwear design of the elastic waist is your good choice.There is a flexible design of this sexy underwear, which can freely adjust the size, so that your waist is no longer limited to the traditional size.At the same time, the loose belt can also tighten the waistline to let the fat girl wear a long effect.

Chest pads in sex jacket

Most of the fat girl’s body ratio is not coordinated, and the chest may not be plump enough.At this time, choosing sexy underwear with chest pads can make your figure more perfect.The design of the chest pad can make your chest more three -dimensional and full, showing a sexy curve.In addition, the shape and color of the bra can be shifted to the eyes of others, making your advantages more prominent.

Local jagules

Like pants, like ordinary tight -fitting dress, you can make your body more well -proportioned and slender, and integrate your waist and waist.At the same time, due to the design of pants, it can also play a role in shaping, making your body look more well -proportioned and compact.Especially for fat girls with larger hips, wearing pants and sexy underwear can modify the hip curve and shape a more perfect figure.

Wide -shoulder sexy underwear

The shoulder straps of wide shoulder and sexy underwear can effectively support the breasts, making your upper body look more upright and slender.Some wide -shoulder bras can also have a loose band design, making your chest look more upright and plump, allowing you to get rid of the image of fat girls.

Deep V sexy underwear

The fun underwear designed by deep V can show the lines and charm of the chest well.For fat girls with larger chest, deep V sex underwear can concentrate the plugs of the chest, avoid the chest expansion, and make the chest curve more perfect.

High -waist sexy sheet

The design of high -waisted color underwear can well modify the fat on the abdomen, making the hip lines smoother and charming.In addition, some high -waisted sexy underwear can also play a role in lifting the hips, making the hips look more hip and more charming.

Black and White Classic Fun Jelly

For fat girls who do not know how to choose colors and patterns, the classic black and white color erotic underwear will not have a choice.Because black can shrink, black sexy underwear can make your figure look more slender and slender.White sexy underwear can make your skin more fair and pure.

Asian style of beauty underwear

Compared with European and American styles, the Asian style of sexy underwear emphasizes details, decoration and other elements, and the color and material are more diverse.For fat girls, you can choose some Asian -style sexy underwear with elements such as streaming, embroidery, lace, etc., making your figure look more beautiful and delicate.

Interesting underwear of embellishment accessories

Some erotic underwear are also equipped with bowls, stockings, gloves and other accessories, which can embellish the entire shape well.For fat girls, these accessories can move others’ attention and make fragrant shoulders and calves become your advantages.


When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider your body and body shape, but also your own style and personality.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you to make yourself more confident and sexy.I hope the content of this article can provide some useful information and suggestions for fat girls when choosing sexy underwear.

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