What qualifications do Douyin sells sexy underwear?

What are the requirements for Douyin to sell sexy underwear?

In today’s society, with the gradual openness and acceptance of people’s concepts, the market demand for sex products is increasing.As a highly popular social platform, Douyin is also favored by more and more sexual products merchants.So, what qualifications do Douyin sells sexy underwear?Let’s understand one by one.

Need business licenses and business licenses

First of all, as a legal seller, you must have a business license and business license.In terms of preventing false sales and guarantee consumer rights, the state has very strict requirements for the sexual supplies industry. Merchants that do not meet the regulations will not only be punished, but also face the risk of investigating legal liability.

Need brand authorization

Due to the particularity of the sex products industry, the products sold by merchants on the platform must be regular brands, otherwise they will violate the provisions of the Douyin platform.Therefore, when preparing to go to Douyin to sell sexy underwear, you need to get the authorization of regular brands.

Need to master the professional knowledge of sexy underwear

Different from other types of clothing, sexy underwear belongs to private items, and it requires certain professional knowledge to sell and promote.The seller must understand the knowledge, style, size and other aspects of love underwear in order to better provide consumers with professional pre -sales and after -sales services.

Need to have a certain marketing capabilities

Douyin is a social platform based on short videos. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain marketing capabilities on the platform to sell sexy underwear on the platform.The seller needs to use the functions of the platform, such as publishing creative videos, introducing star endorsements, making interesting private collection, etc., attracting more users to buy it in the store.

Need a good sense of service

Interest underwear is a more private product. In order to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of consumers, sellers need to have a high degree of service awareness, provide strict packaging and rapid delivery services to make consumers shop more convenient and comfortable.

Need to comply with platform regulations

For sexy underwear sales on the Douyin platform, we must comply with the relevant provisions of the platform. If there must be no bad content such as violence, pornography, etc., it must not prevent the normal sales of other sellers.While complying with the regulations, you also need to work hard to create a positive and healthy atmosphere for the platform.

Need to have a clear cognition of target users

Interest underwear is a product for adults, so sellers need to have a clear understanding of target users, such as their age, gender, shopping habits, etc.decision making.

Need to have a certain understanding of competing products

The sexual products industry is fiercely competitive. On large e -commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD.com, there are many products of the same type, and the differentiation between products is also small.Therefore, the seller needs to have a certain understanding of the competition in the market, find the advantages of their own products, and conduct targeted marketing.

Need to maintain good after -sales service

After -sales service is particularly important for sexy underwear, so sellers need to maintain good after -sales service.Once consumers have any problems, deal with it as soon as possible to solve consumer doubts and troubles, thereby enhancing consumers’ trust in goods and sellers.

Need to update the products regularly

Over time, consumers’ needs and preferences for sexy underwear may also change. Therefore, sellers need to update the goods regularly to meet the new needs and expectations of consumers. At the same timeEssence


The requirements for selling sexy underwear are not just the above, but these requirements are the threshold for Douyin to sell sexy underwear.Sellers need to have a certain professionalism, professionalism and service awareness, and constantly challenge themselves in order to stand out in a fierce market.

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