What do I use sexy underwear materials?

What do I use sexy underwear materials?

1. Cotton underwear

As we all know, cotton underwear is very breathable and sweat -absorbing, and it will not irritate the skin too much, so it is suitable for people with sensitive skin.Cotton underwear is usually made of natural cotton or organic cotton. These materials are healthier than artificial fibers.However, cotton underwear is not the most suitable material for sexy underwear.

2. Lace material

Many women prefers lace -lace underwear because they are softer, breathable and light.Laces are usually made of natural or artificial fibers, and after special treatment, they have high softness.They also have a beautiful and delicate appearance.

3. Silk underwear

Silk underwear is a very delicate and elegant sexy underwear, which is often used as a high -level underwear style.The silk underwear is dexterous manual, which can show super delicate texture and luster.However, silk underwear is usually high and require special care.

4. Synthetic fiber material

Some sexy lingerie styles may use artificial fiber materials such as nylon, Lycra, to increase the elasticity and texture of underwear.Materials such as nylon and Rica are synthetic and are relatively easy to maintain and clean. Therefore, these fiber materials are usually used to make more sexy underwear styles that reflect women’s curves.

5. leather underwear

Templochemical underwear is usually made of high -quality leather, such as denim, pork skin, and so on.These underwear texture is very soft, durable, high -end, and at the same time.Template underwear requires special maintenance and maintenance, and the general price is higher.

6. Bubble material

Foam underwear is loved by its shape memory and comfort.The appearance of a foam underwear is beautiful, paste the body, and can help adjust the breast shape and improve the aesthetics of the breast.

7. Polyester fiber material

Polyester fiber is a very popular and commonly used artificial fiber material that can create different styles of sexy underwear.Their advantages are affordable prices, wear resistance, wrinkle resistance, and easy to clean and maintain.

8. Metal underwear

Metal underwear is a very creative underwear style, usually made of steel wires, metal chains and other materials, showing a high sense of modernness.Although they are not options to wear daily, in special occasions, they can show a strong sensory experience.

9. Mesh material

MESH is a very light and breathable material, which is often used in making sexy underwear, such as corset and bra.Mesh’s breathability is excellent, making you feel comfortable, and it is even more exciting when entering the night.

10. Vented material

Velvet is a very beautiful and luxurious material that can show an amazing high -end sense when making sexy underwear.Vented velvet is usually equipped with detailed design, such as embroidery or crystal decoration.

In general, different erotic underwear choose different materials to show its characteristics.Therefore, when selecting sexy underwear, women should choose the most suitable materials and types according to their personal preferences and needs.Regardless of the material, what is important is to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, exude your personality under a confident temperament!

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