What countries are popular in sex underwear?

What countries are popular in sex underwear?


As one of the world’s largest markets, the US sexy underwear market has very high demand.The American people are open to sex and have a high degree of recognition of sexy and sexy underwear.Therefore, the US sexy underwear brand is very active and sales are quite popular.


Japan is the hometown of sex products, and sexy underwear also has a very high demand in Japan.Japanese sexy underwear is unique, and it is mainly cute, cute, and pure, and is loved by young women.Japan’s sexy lingerie brands are also known for creativity and fashion.


French people pay attention to the art of life. They not only pursue appearance beauty, but also pay attention to their inner feelings.Therefore, French erotic underwear usually uses high -quality fabrics, focusing on design and workmanship, showing the elegant and sexy side of women.


Italy is a global fashion capital, so the market’s market is also very active in the Italian market.The Italians have a special pursuit of slender figure and high -quality clothing. The sexy underwear brand also inherits this style, focusing on the texture of the fabric and the tight tailoring.


In recent years, sexy underwear has also been accepted and watched by more people in China.China’s sexy underwear brands are also constantly emerging, using the characteristics of lightness, closeness, transparency, etc., to show the graceful posture of women.


The British sex underwear market is less than other countries, but the market demand has always been stable.British sexy underwear is delicate and elegant, and the brand focuses on the fineness of fabrics and lines.


Germany’s sexy underwear market is also very active.Germany’s sexy underwear brands usually use simple and exquisite design styles, focusing on the comfort and safety of fabrics.


Russia’s sexy underwear market is less than other countries, but the market demand is also very stable.Russian women are more open and pay attention to personality and freedom. Therefore, Russia’s sexy underwear design will be bolder and color is more bright.


Canada’s sexy underwear market demand is smaller than other countries, but there are relatively stable market demand.Canadian sexy underwear brands usually adopt simple and fashionable design styles, focusing on comfort and health.


Brazil’s sexy underwear market is also very active. It is mainly characterized by high -quality fabrics and bold design styles to show the enthusiasm and vitality of women.

Overall view

Although there are some differences in the sexy underwear markets in various countries, they have relatively stable demand in general.With the changes in people’s ideas and the social environment, the sexy underwear market is gradually expanding, and sales will continue to rise.

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