What are you free to get rid of sexy underwear?

What is free -free underwear?

Removing sex underwear is a special underwear designed for sex.They are especially suitable for those who want to retain underwear in sexual activities, because they are specifically designed to sex with sex without taking off them.

The characteristics of free sex underwear

Unlike traditional sexy underwear, free sex lingerie usually has the following characteristics:

Open design can retain underwear coverage in sensitive areas.Such as exposing the chest, private parts and other areas.

Using soft and flexible fabrics does not affect the free movement of the body.

The structure is simple, without too much hooks, buttons, etc., to ensure the smoothness and non -interference in sexual activities.

Disposal of the classification of sexy underwear

There are many types of free sex underwear, but they can usually be divided into the following four:

Bra -type: This underwear is only covered with the chest, usually with open stitching, which can leave other parts of exposure.Some types also have thin ropes on both sides, which can be decorated in sexual activities.

Link: This underwear covers the upper body and the lower body, similar to a dress.There are usually some exposure in sensitive areas to facilitate sexual activities.

Three points: This underwear is only covered with sensitive areas, and is usually connected by noodles -like thin ropes.Back, waist and shoulders can generally be adjusted freely.

Droolida towel: This kind of exclusive lingerie uses a structure similar to a drool towel to cover the sensitive area, and the remaining parts can be retained in sexual activities.

Selection of free sex underwear

When choosing to avoid sexual underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose underwear with appropriate size to ensure comfort and safety.

Choose a style suitable for your style and body shape to ensure that underwear can highlight your charm.

Choose high -quality underwear fabrics to ensure wearing comfort and quality.

Consider the sexual preferences of yourself and your partner and choose the right type.

Removal of sexy underwear maintenance

Because special fabrics and design are generally used for free -free underwear, special attention needs to be paid to maintenance:

Wash your underwear, do not use a washing machine.

Wash with cold water, do not use hot water.

Do not use bleach.

Avoid exposure.

Keep the attached label on the underwear to refer to the washing instructions.

Brand recommendation from sexy underwear

Here are some high -quality free -free sex lingerie brands recommendation:

Lelo brand

Luxury PlayStyle brand

Guipure Italian brand

DITA VON Teese brand

With the art of free and free -morale underwear

In sex, it is extremely important to match the art of free -reinforcement underwear.Wearing underwear that is suitable for you, while experiencing sex with your partner, is also an artistic enjoyment.

Point of view

Removing sex underwear, as a kind of underwear designed for sex, has a lot of characteristics.Not only diverse design, but also very strict maintenance requirements.It is very important to choose high -quality underwear materials, which can greatly affect wearing comfort and service life.I hope this article is helpful for everyone to know freely.

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