What are the foreign sex lingerie brands?

What are the foreign sex lingerie brands?

For many women, sexy underwear is not just a daily underwear, but a special fashion taste.In foreign countries, there are also many well -known sexy underwear brands. Let’s introduce a few of them.

1. Victoria’s Secret

It must be Victoria’s Secret.As one of the most popular underwear brands in the United States, Victoria’s Secret has always been known for its sexy and charming image.Among the brand’s sexy underwear, the most representative is its classic red, black and pink series.

2. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur was founded in 1994 and is a British brand focusing on sexy underwear.The black, purple and red series representing the brand, as well as its iconic tailoring and lace design, brings a sexy and elegant image to the brand, and is loved.At the same time, the brand also has a fashion show that has attracted much attention, containing a fun shape, which has attracted the attention of countless people.

3. La Perla

The La Perla brand from Italy focuses on high -end clothing, sexy underwear and swimsuit.Its unique design and exquisite manufacturing technology have made it occupy a place in the global underwear market.Simple and exquisite styles and high -quality fabrics have made it a brand that many women yearn for.

4. Bluebella

Bluebella was founded in 2005 and is a newer underwear brand from the UK.It not only provides women with sexy and fashionable sexy lingerie styles, but also incorporates the elements of avant -garde, showing a unique charm.The unique design and excellent value positioning allows it to have considerable competitiveness in the market.

5. Fredericks of Hollywood

As a representative of the well -known sexy underwear brand in the United States, Fredericks of Hollywood has been in the market for decades.Its design and style are relatively sexy, rebellious, and avant -garde, which can better meet the needs of different consumers.Its knitted style and lace design make it occupy a good position in the market.

6. Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a brand from Australia, mainly young women from 25 to 45 years old.Its design is bold, full of fashion and innovation, making people want to stop.Variable materials, colors and styles also provide a lot of choices for those who love diversified styles.


Savage X Fenty is a brand founded by the famous singer Rihanna, mainly for young fashion women.Its style is diverse, including classic basic models, sexy underwear and accessories.At the same time, the brand also vigorously advocates that women are proud of themselves, and joined the "#SavageXthemovement" action to encourage women to not need to be restrained and show their self -style.


As a famous French sexy underwear brand, Aubade has always maintained high popularity and business performance in the market.With its application of lace and embroidery, brand products have become one of the favorite brands of many consumers.The brand is based on freedom and sexy, occupying a place in the French market.


The above is a few sexy underwear brands abroad. Each brand has its unique characteristics and style.No matter what kind of sexy underwear you pursue, these brands can meet your needs.No matter where you are, these charming brands deserve your attention.

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