What are the brand of erotic lingerie level?

What are the brands of sexy lingerie level?


For many women, sexy underwear is one of the important choices to increase life’s interest and sexual attractiveness.But the high price has also made some women discouraged.This article will introduce some cost -effective sexy lingerie flat prices.

Brand 1: Teenie Weenie

Teeninie Weenie from Japan has a reputation in the flat price of sexy lingerie.Its product style is diverse and the price is relatively low.The design is mainly fresh, sweet, sexy and cute, and is loved by Asian women.

Brand 2: Beautiful Noverey

The Mei Nuo people are a domestic sexy underwear brand, which is positioned as sexy, high -quality, and cheap.Its product line is relatively abundant, from sexy underwear to underwear, pajamas, etc., and the price is more affordable.

Brand 3: Aimerfeel

Aimerfeel is a Japanese sexy underwear brand. The company focuses on designing sexy underwear with different styles and shapes, allowing each woman to find a style that suits them.The price is usually between 150 and 400 yuan, which is very worthwhile.

Brand 4: Gorgeous Xiangshang

Yili Xiangshang is a sexy underwear brand in Hong Kong. It focuses on the fashion and sexy needs of women. Its design positioning is stylish, advanced, and unique. The price is about 200 yuan.

Brand 5: Taobao shop

Taobao is the largest online shopping platform in my country, and there are many sexy underwear sellers.The price of these sellers is generally lower than that of brand manufacturers, but pay attention to choosing a trusted seller to prevent poor performance and product quality.Comprehensive selection of highly evaluated and reputable stores to buy more insurance.

Brand 6: Luolai Home Textiles

Although Luolai Home Textile is not a professional sexy underwear brand, its bedding series contains a certain degree of sexy and sexy elements, which is loved by some female friends.Different price series series are large, but in general, the price is more affordable.

Brand Seven: Belle Bao

Belle Bao is a domestic old -fashioned sexy underwear brand, which is positioned as comfortable, fashionable, and affordable.The product is rich in style, suitable for women with a variety of figures. The price is generally less than 150 yuan, and there are often promotional activities.

Brand 8: TARO

TARO is a Korean sex lingerie brand. It also launched some styles with simple design, but the price is very affordable. The price is generally about 100 yuan, and the cost is relatively high.

Brand 9: COOL BIK, B jump, FREYJAH, LOLA, Elephant Girls, COSMO LADY

These brands are more popular sexy underwear brands in China. Its pricing is relatively affordable and rich in styles.It is worth noting that you must choose regular channels when buying to avoid being deceived.


Although there may be some performance and product quality problems in the low price of sexy underwear brands, as long as you choose, you can find products with affordable but good quality.Pay about the integrity of the purchase channel appropriately, you can buy a good lingerie lid price.

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