Taobao sex underwear does not allow the sun

Question introduction: Taobao sex underwear does not allow pictures

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become a common shopping experience.However, more and more customers have recently discovered that they cannot upload pictures in the product evaluation to show the sexy underwear they purchased.This problem aroused extensive concerns and discussions.

Problem: Taobao regulations prohibit uploading sexy underwear pictures

Taobao stipulates: "It is forbidden to upload pictures of violations of social responsibility and ethics, violation of public order, good customs, illegal, and infringement."And sexy underwear is usually regarded as a product of "violation of public morality".Therefore, the sexy lingerie is limited on Taobao Mall.

Solution 1: Ask other customers through private messages

If you are interested in a messy underwear, but you can’t view the pictures of other customers, you can try to send a private message to the product evaluation.This method is more time -consuming and needs to wait for other customers to respond.

Solution 2: View erotic underwear in other websites

Taobao’s restrictions on sexy underwear are not applicable to other websites.Therefore, you can try to view the show of sexy underwear through other social media or second -hand market websites.

Solution 3: Consult the customer service

If you have doubts about the color and quality of a sexy underwear, you can contact the seller through Taobao customer service.In the process of customer service communication, you can show the customer service to show the pictures of similar underwear you have to help solve doubts.

Solution 4: Buy replaceable sexy underwear

Some Taobao merchants provide replaceable services. If you are not satisfied with the sexy underwear you buy, you can try to contact the seller for the refund service.Although this method is relatively time -consuming, it can help you feel more assured during the purchase process.

Summary: Don’t let the unable to expose the picture affect your shopping experience

Although Taobao’s sexy underwear exposure limitation may cause trouble for your shopping experience, you can still obtain the required information in other ways to make wise purchase decisions.Remember, don’t let these restrictions affect your purchase desire and shopping experience.

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