Talk about the feelings of wearing sexy underwear


As a popular culture of modern life, sexy underwear has become a way of expression of psychological and physical health.Wearing a close -fitting, charming sexy underwear can add a lot of fun to daily life.So, how should we feel and enjoy when wearing sexy underwear?Below, let me talk about the feelings of wearing sexy underwear.

Feeling self -confidence and sex

Women wearing sexy underwear often feel confident and sexy.This is because the design of sexy underwear makes the body curve more prominent, showing the side of charm, and also adding self -confidence.A sexy intangible light emerging from women can attract the attention of people around.As long as we have self -confidence, we can show a more sexy side when wearing a sexy underwear.


Wearing erotic underwear also has a feeling of relaxing mood, because the style of sexy underwear has a variety of styles, which can make people feel a relaxed pleasure when choosing.For those who like to try and create different situations, it is also a kind of fun to try a variety of sexy underwear.Wrap yourself in a comfortable and sexy sexy underwear, which can make women feel spiritual satisfaction.

Increase interest and stimuli

In addition to making women feel sexy, sexy underwear can increase interest and stimulus.This is because wearing a sexy underwear can cause the other half to have a stronger interest, thereby enhancing the emotional relationship between the two.Women’s wearing erotic underwear can make men have more imagination and reverie on women’s bodies, thereby increasing the intimacy between the two.

The body is more comfortable

Wearing erotic underwear not only allows women to feel more satisfaction in physical and mental, but also a very important aspect is physical comfort.Because the fabrics selected from sexy underwear are generally soft, skin -friendly, and breathable, especially for people living in high temperatures, the breathability of sexy underwear is very important.In addition, you need to pay attention to the selection of the size when wearing a sexy underwear. Choosing the right size that suits you can also make your body feel more comfortable.

Stimulate potential sex fantasies

When wearing sexy underwear, some women will inspire their potential sexual fantasies and get more satisfaction in sexual behavior.Wearing sexy underwear, women’s sexy and mysterious sense of sexual behavior can also create stronger sexual stimulus to sexual partners, so that both sides can get a more pleasant sex experience.

Promote gender equality

Now, more and more women have begun to express their sexy and self -confidence in sexy underwear, and also expressed their demand for sex more openly.We hope that women have equal equal rights and satisfaction in sex, and wearing sexy underwear can also promote the development direction of gender equality to some extent.

Contract wearing with partners

Wearing a sexy underwear can also be regarded as a contract with a partner.In the agreed plot, women can wear sexy sexy underwear, show their sexy side, so that men can get more appreciation.In a sense, wearing erotic underwear is very conducive to the common development of both parties, increasing the trust and intimacy between the two.

Summarize personal experience

Personally, wearing erotic underwear is a very fun and enjoyment experience.When choosing a sexy underwear, try to choose a size suitable for you, choose a sexy underwear with comfortable materials and good fabric quality.While feeling sexy and confident, pay attention to hygiene and often replacement.

in conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear can not only make women feel more fun and satisfaction, but also help increase the intimacy and trust between the two parties.Let us try boldly, put on the sexy underwear that suits you best, and enjoy the infinite fun brought by life!

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