Taipei Shopping Mall Quoted Underwear Track Video

Taipei Shopping Mall Quoted Underwear Track Video


Taipei is a city full of fashion and creativity, and sex lingerie is one of Taiwan’s most popular fashion products.Taipei Shopping Mall sexy underwear catwalk video has received widespread attention for its novel and three -dimensional display.

Show venue

The show venue is one of the largest shopping malls in Taiwan, Shin Kong Sanyue Department Store.The hand -painted marine style of the mall is used in the design of the catwalk. The environment and atmosphere similar to the seaside make the sexy underwear show appear more creative and artistic.

Characteristic display

Sexy Lace Blindfold – 7681 – 7682 – 7686

The sexy lingerie show in Taipei Shopping Mall shows various types of sexy underwear, including sexy, romantic, retro, etc.Each display has a unique design, such as: stockings, lace, leather, net eye, close -fitting, etc.These underwear styles are fashionable and avant -garde, which increases the interest of life and shows the charm of personality.

actor actress

The show performers are all professional models. They come from major art colleges and model companies. They all have professional catwalk skills and perfect figure.These performers turned underwear catwalks into an artistic performance, showing their inner self -confidence and self -esteem.

Stage design

The stage design uses 3D image technology, allowing the audience to see the details and overall effects of the underwear.At the same time, the color use and the background of the stone wall on the stage make the entire performance full of mystery and attractiveness.


Music is a very important element. The rhythm and emotions of music are carefully selected and controlled.Music is not only synchronized with clothing, but also adjusts emotions and transmits product information.

French sex lingerie special display

In this catwalk, there are special display of French sexy underwear.These classic and stylish design expresses romantic emotions and exotic culture.

Oil Shine

Fashion matching

The sexy underwear catwalk also shows different styles of matching and use.In this colorful image, fashion is to be different. You can’t miss such a fashion experience.


Brand meaning is also an indispensable part of this catwalk.Each brand has its own unique production concept and creativity.The brand can succeed because it can have the concepts of visual experience and aesthetic taste with the audience.


In fact, sexy underwear catwalks will cause some controversy.Some people think that the catwalk is too explicit and is injured, but more people think that such a performance method is more fashionable and artistic.


Taipei Shopping Mall Quota Walking Show is a very creative and bold attempt. It breaks the traditional understanding and impression of sexy underwear, making it more fashionable and aesthetic value, and has achieved very good promotion effects in the process of spreading.