Tags: sexy underwear

Tags: sexy underwear

1. What is the sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy, teasing, and even naughty underwear. It usually uses highly transparent materials, and it is more fashionable and creative in design.The purpose is not only to increase visual attractiveness, but also to increase women’s confidence and sexy.

2. What occasions are suitable for sex underwear?

Interest underwear can not only wear on special festivals or Valentine’s Day, but also add interest and adjustment between husband and wife in ordinary days.In addition, in special occasions such as weddings, honeymoon, birthday, such underwear can also be used as a unique gift, which is of great significance.

3. What are the common erotic lingerie styles?

Common sexy lingerie styles include lace underwear, mesh underwear, pajamas suits, three -point underwear and role -playing underwear.Among them, lace underwear and mesh underwear are more sexy, three -point underwear is more exposed, and pajamas suits are more casual, suitable for couples when they are more comfortable.

4. What are the colors of sexy underwear?

The color of sexy underwear is mostly black and red, because these two colors are more exposed and naughty, and they can also set off women’s sexy and temperament.However, with the development of fashion and trend, other colors have begun to appear in sexy underwear, such as pink, purple, white, etc., which have a softer and lighter sexy charm.

5. What are the fabrics of sexy underwear?

The fabrics of sexy underwear are mainly based on chemical fiber, lace, silk, linen, cotton and other materials.The texture of these fabrics is soft, comfortable, and has good breathability and humidity, which can show the body curve well and increase sexy atmosphere.

6. What are the aspects of the purchase of sexy underwear?

The purchase of sexy underwear needs to pay attention to size, fabric, comfort and body shape.To ensure the suitable and comfort of the underwear size, the softness and quality of the fabric, and also choose the appropriate style according to your body characteristics.

7. What should I do with the maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is generally not suitable for machine washing, and it should be washed by hand.Use mild detergent to avoid direct sunlight or contact with high temperature environment.The socks can be placed in a fresh -keeping bag in the refrigerator frozen room for low temperature and refrigerated for a period of time, which can keep the socks cleaning after washing.

8. What are the taboos of sexy underwear?

The taboos of sexy underwear mainly include universally fun underwear sharing with other people, not in public or involving formal occasions, not in an unsafe environment, not in the case of unhealthy physical or other physical conditions, if you are unhealthy or other physical conditions,Dress, not over -wear, etc.

9. How to match sex underwear?

The matching of erotic underwear needs to choose the appropriate clothing according to the characteristics of the occasion and their figure.For example, under the deep V -neck jacket, you can wear triangular underwear and look sexy.For another example, under a low -cut chest, you can wear a gathered underwear to make the chest shape better.In addition, jewelry such as high heels and earrings can also increase the overall sexy atmosphere.

10. Why do we need sexy underwear?

Because of the presence of sexy underwear, sex becomes more exciting and more interesting, making women more confident and more sexy, thereby increasing substantial quality and happiness to the life of husband and wife.Of course, wearing sexy underwear should also pay attention to moderate and actual situation, making sex better.

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