Swinding beauty sex lingerie atlas

Swinding beauty sex lingerie atlas

1. The eye -opening underwear world

There are many types of sexy underwear, which can be divided into many categories such as adult sex lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, and sexy lingerie.Different types of underwear styles have their own characteristics, allowing people to add more fun and stimuli during sex.

2. The difference between sexy and sexy

There is a difference between sexy and dirt. The former is mostly underwear that exposes the body curve and interprets female charm, while the latter has more obvious sexual hints.Some merchants will confuse these two concepts, so consumers need to polish their eyes and choose their own underwear styles.

3. Design characteristics of beauty sexy underwear

The design characteristics of the beauty underwear are to highlight the female curve and highlight the characteristics of the body, which can increase the charm to women and make men look forward to it.The colors of this type of underwear are mostly black and red, and sometimes add other bright colors to enhance the visual effect.

4. Suitable underwear style for different personalities

The style of sexy underwear can be divided into cute, sexy type, lace type, hollow type, etc., so that women can choose the style that suits them according to their own personality and mood.The cute underwear design is mostly animal image, colorful and colorful, suitable for cute women; sexy underwear highlights more female body curves.

5. Understand different gender aesthetic differences

When women choose underwear, they will tend to choose comfortable, healthy and practical underwear, but men’s preferences are mostly sexy, dirty, stimulating.Therefore, understanding of different gender aesthetic differences is also very helpful for choosing sexy underwear.

6. Select underwear style with the occasion

Different underwear styles are required in different occasions. For example, you can choose more casual underwear styles at home, and you need to choose a more sexy underwear style at dating or party.Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate underwear style according to the different occasions to achieve better results.

7. Selection of underwear size

The choice of underwear size is also very important. Excessive or small underwear will affect wearing comfort and visual effects.When choosing a size, you can choose according to your height, weight and bust, or consult with professionals.

8. Washing and maintenance of underwear

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear, which requires special cleaning and maintenance methods.Pay attention to the use of neutral detergents during cleaning and maintain proper temperature to ensure the color and quality of the underwear.During maintenance, you need to pay attention to avoid light, humidity and folds.

9. The relationship between underwear and sex life

In sex, sexy underwear plays an important role in sex, which can add more interest and stimuli to couples.Selecting suitable underwear styles according to different preferences and occasions can make sex life more stylish, interesting, passionate and nervous.

10. Personal point of view

As a relatively special underwear, sexy underwear requires consumers to have a certain culture, aesthetic and personality literacy.Be careful when choosing and purchasing, and respect the different choices of others.In my opinion, it is not enough to pursue the visual effect of the appearance. Inner feelings and emotional communication are the ultimate goal of sexual life.

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