SM Binding Lian Swelling Loves Girl Picture

SM Binding Lian Swelling Loves Girl Picture

What is SM bundling and a girl with a body -made underwear?

SM Binding Lianxiangye underwear girl is a specially designed sexy underwear. It includes two parts: binding straps and conjoined underwear.It allows women to feel the thrill of restraint and restrictions when wearing.This sexy underwear is very suitable for couples who want to pursue novelty and exciting.

SM bundled style of sexy underwear girls’ style and type

In the market, there are many styles and types of SM binding and matchmaking underwear girls. Their design is very rich.

High waist type: Binding straps are above the lower abdomen, creating high waistline.

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Low waist type: Binding straps are below the lower abdomen, creating a low waistline.

Back -back type: It exposes the back to bring you a new feeling.

Open crotch type: There is a opening in the crotch part of the conjoined underwear, so that you can enjoy more pleasure when you are wearing.

The relationship between SM bundled and sexual underwear women and sex

If you want to try some new sexual postures and skills, you may wish to consider using SM binding and physical sexy underwear.It allows you and your partner to reach a new height of sex.

How to use SM bundled and stable underwear women

When wearing SM binding and a sexy underwear girl, be careful.Please follow the following steps:

Drink some wine or water to relax yourself.

Put on underwear (please ensure that the size is appropriate) and fix the underwear band correctly.

Oil Shine

Adjust the binding straps to ensure that the binding strap is in a comfortable handcuffs.Don’t make it too tight, otherwise it will affect blood circulation.

Enjoy this pleasure and explore different sexual postures between you and your partner.

How to maintain SM bundled and more physical underwear girl

Please clean immediately after use.Please clean the underwear correctly according to the washing instructions and place it in a ventilated and dry place.Do not use chemicals such as bleach or soft agent.


When using the SM bundling and the sexy lingerie girl, please be sure to pay attention to the following:

Do not cause physical damage to yourself or your partner.

Do not wear straps for a long time to avoid affecting your health.

Do not have sex with unwashed underwear.

Put the underwear in a dry and ventilated place to avoid sun exposure.

SM bundling the material and quality of the girl in underwear women

The material and quality of the SM bundle the material and quality of the sexy lingerie are very important because this sexy underwear is close to the body.Choose high -quality materials and ensure that it is not damaged, so that you can enjoy the pleasure more assured.

Recommended product

Here are some popular SM bundled body -in -law underwear women:

Black laces corset style

Pink chiffon vest

Dark purple net gauze back


In general, SM bundled and more sexy underwear women are a special sexy underwear. It allows you to experience a more intense pleasure and reach a new height.When buying and using this sexy underwear, please choose and use cautiously, and pay attention to your physical safety of yourself and your partner.