Sexy underwear Yilibaiji My Order

Sexy underwear Yilibaiji My Order

Sex underwear brand introduction

Interesting underwear is a kind of clothing that makes women more confident and sexy in private, and there are many brands. Among them, European and American sexy underwear brands represented by Eriberi are highly sought after.As a boutique underwear brand, Eliba focuses on providing high -quality, hand -made manufacturing standards, and fashionable underwear.In addition, the brand also pays attention to the physical combination of underwear and the physical form of women, and strives to provide women with more underwear options in accordance with personal needs.

My Eliphei order

I recently bought a set of pink lace sexy underwear on the official website. This is the first time I tried to buy Elibal’s underwear. Based on the brand’s praise and unique design and manufacturing process, I decided to try this.Brand products.

Packing and delivery

Plus Embroidered Halter Lingerie Set – Curvy – 15715

My order arrived in a gift box, and the gift box was well -designed and very exquisite.The design of the flowers and brand logo in the gift box outlines the nobleness and quality of the product.In terms of delivery, brands can provide express delivery and standard mail.Fortunately, the Elberg brand chose courier services for my order, so I got timely receiving goods.

Texture and feel

This pink lace sexy underwear is quite light as a whole.As one of the best quality European fabrics, its skin -friendly texture is very soft and high.The details are very delicate, and the curve and body part of women are also perfectly considered. It makes women feel very natural to put on it without any tight or traces.

Style and design

This set of sexy underwear uses a classic lace design, which cleverly use ribbon, lace and bow in the chest, waist, and hip parts. The overall style is very charming and charming.And the future split design and the cut -off cuts make this underwear more sexy and mysterious.


Putting on this set of fun underwear, I found that it had a great dress experience.Not only makes women feel more confident and charming, but also fully protect and fit the curve and lines of the body, making the image of women more perfect.I also feel that this set of underwear is very light and comfortable, and will not have a sense of oppression on the body.

Washing and maintenance

Seating and maintenance of sexy lingerie are also very important.Brands recommend using mild detergent, hand washing or using specialized dry cleaning.Therefore, I also follow the brand’s advice to carefully maintain underwear to ensure that its appearance and quality can be maintained longer.


Quality and durability

Quality is the element that Erribs has never compromised, and this set of lace -sized underwear is no exception.I feel very satisfied with the feel, texture and tailoring.In addition, it is very durable.

Price and cost -effective

Although Eliba’s sexy underwear is relatively expensive, the brand’s underwear’s manufacturing process, materials and design are very good, and its cost performance is worth mentioning.


For me personally, Eliba’s sexy underwear is undoubtedly a very pleasant shopping experience.The overall design, tailoring, texture and wearing experience are very satisfied.Although the price is slightly higher, I think the money is worth it.I believe that it is a very surprising shopping experience for novices or underwear collectors.