Sexy underwear real -life trial

Sexy underwear real -life trial

Sexy underwear real -life trial

In terms of buying sexy underwear, women tend to be more inclined to buy online, but in many cases, the underwear they bought does not fully meet their expectations.This is also because many women choose their favorite styles based on the pictures of sexy underwear, without really trying to try on.Below, we will introduce you to the experience of seeing sex underwear.

1. Buy sexy underwear with suitable size

Compared with traditional underwear, different materials and design of sexy underwear need to wear more personal and better comfort, so it is particularly important to buy underwear.It is recommended to check the size table carefully when buying, and then buy according to your actual situation.If you don’t know your physical data, you can customize it in a professional underwear store.

2. Material selection

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The material of sexy underwear is very particular about it. If it is not breathable and uncomfortable, it may cause damage to the body.We can choose materials with good breathability, such as cotton, lace, linen, etc.

3. Adjustable underwear pants

It is best to choose adjustable styles when choosing sexy underwear, and you can adjust it at any time according to your physical condition.For example, some underwear can be stretched, which can adjust the tightness according to the changes in the body.

4. Pay attention to details

The details determine the success or failure. Choose sexy underwear. We must pay attention to the details of the underwear, such as shoulder straps, buckles, bun bonds, etc. These details will directly affect the fit of the lingerie cup and hem.If the details are not handled properly, the underwear is unsatisfactory.

5. Consider wearing occasions

When choosing sexy underwear pants, you must consider the occasions you wear. If you are entertaining at home, you can choose a more sexy and high degree of exposure.But if you want to wear out, you must consider some safe and practical design.

6. Selection of underwear and briefs

The difference between underwear is not only in style, but also the treatment of pressure and tightness in different parts.The design of briefs pays more attention to comfort and fit, and its dressing effect is often more elegant and generous.


7. Adjust the position of the panties

Some underwear will have problems such as slipping when wearing. Do not shy at this time. You can appropriately adjust the position of the underwear according to the mirror to ensure that the effect of the underwear is in line with your expectations.

8. dressing and matching

The matching of sexy underwear is related to your overall appearance image.It is recommended to choose the generous underwear and a more conservative coat, otherwise it is difficult to wear it in public.You can freely match different wear styles at home to find a style that suits you.

9. Follow style design

There are many design of sexy underwear, and different styles will give you different wear effects.Women who like sexy can choose a perspective style, or you can choose decorative styles, such as pearls, lace, ribbons, etc.Women who pay more attention to comfort can choose comfortable materials such as linen, cotton, and relatively simple design styles.

10. Choose a regular brand

The quality of sexy underwear pants affects the health of the wearer, so it is important to choose the sexy underwear of good quality and formal brand.Formal brand sexy underwear has stricter standards and control in terms of design, material, and production technology.

in conclusion

When buying sexy underwear, we must comprehensively consider comfort, size, material, details, dressing occasions, matching, style design and other aspects.You can check the evaluation of the purchase channel before you try it on. Choose regular brands such as Victoria’s blessings, Aimer, B or La Perla, etc. to avoid buying sub -or unhealthy underwear.When trying, check and adjust the wearable effect in front of the mirror, the beauty of etiquette should not be ignored.