Sexy underwear model interview Japanese beauty

Sexy underwear model interview Japanese beauty

Background introduction

In the underwear industry, sexy underwear, as a popular product, has attracted much attention.The recruitment of sexy underwear models requires some special requirements, and women who need beautiful, sexy, and unique temperament to join.Recently, a underwear brand held an interview with sexy underwear models in Japan. The beauty of the beauty who came to apply for. One of the amazing beauties became the final admitter.

Interview criteria

As a sexy underwear model, it requires certain conditions.First of all, the body should be good, the proportion should be appropriate, and the size of the chest and hips should be equivalent.Secondly, the skin color should be fair and the skin is good, which can make the underwear better.Third, we must have a special sexy temperament, which can show desire and feelings.Finally, it is necessary to have certain expression and model experience, and to show their charm freely on a dreamy stage.

Interview process

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In this interview, the beauties lined up and waited for the interview to wait for the opportunity to become a model.The interviewer asked them to put on sexy underwear and complete a short dance to show their figure and temperament.At the same time, the staff will also check the quality and version of the sexy underwear.Finally, the interviewer will choose to pass the interview passenger one by one according to their performance and compliance.

Final enrolled

In this interview, a petite and lovely girl became the final enrolled.She is prominent, her skin is beautiful, and her sexy temperament is also excellent.Her avant -garde and novel dance manners are very natural and smooth, and the details are in place.In the end, her model experience and expressiveness were recognized by the interviewer and became a lucky one to enter the follow -up shooting session.

Subsequent shooting

After entering the subsequent shooting session, the final admission began a stricter, professional and complex work.Before shooting, she needs to make image and makeup design for full preparation.At the shooting site, she needs to express herself under multiple elements such as lighting and venue layout, constantly adjust her state, and let the sexy underwear show the best state.

demo product

During the shooting, the model needs to show a variety of different styles and types of sexy underwear.She needs to have a clear understanding of the characteristics and style of each sexy underwear, and use her strength to show the unique charm of these underwear.

improve product quality

In the process of shooting, this sexy underwear model also needs to pay attention to the quality of underwear.When discovering a problem with underwear, she needs to immediately report it to the staff to avoid affecting the quality and credibility of the product.At the same time, she also needs to maintain a good image and taste to establish a good image and reputation for the underwear brand.

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Influence increase

The work of sexy underwear models is not only a show of sexy underwear, but also an important part of the development of the sexy underwear industry.Therefore, the success of this industry requires a strong influence, actively promoted and promoted multiple channels such as social networks, and made its own contribution to the growing growth of the brand.


In Japan, the sexy underwear market is gradually mature and developed, attracting more and more investors and enthusiasts.As a sexy underwear model, you need to have professional skills and beautiful body temperament, and constantly contribute to product promotion and industrial development.