Sexy underwear men’s pocket

Sexy underwear men's pocket

Sexy underwear men’s pocket

Men’s sexy underwear has gradually attracted more and more attention in recent years. Among them, men’s pockets are a very special underwear.While maintaining the healthy male genitals, it can also provide visual stimuli and increase the interesting experience.So, what is a men’s bag?What are its characteristics and advantages?Let’s answer them one by one.

1. What is a men’s bag?

Men’s pocket is a male sexy underwear. The biggest feature is to separate the penis and testicles, the penis is in front, and the testicles are in the bag behind.This bag is usually made of elastic material, which can be firmly wrapped in the genitals and fixed in an appropriate position.

2. Features of men’s bags

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Men’s bags are biased to fresh, sexy, and textured, have good breathability and softness, can comfortably wrap the genitals comfortably, and reduce the friction of the sensitive parts of men.Its unique split design allows the genitals to breathe freely and increases comfort.

3. Types of men’s pockets

There are many types of men’s pockets, and they are different in terms of color, style and breathability. Common ones are:

(1) Monochrome: relatively simple, most of the colors are biased in dark, light and neutral.

(2) Printing models: Printing models are relatively cute and color will be richer.

(3) Net yarn: The breathability of the grid design is better, which can improve comfort.

4. The advantages of men’s bags

The biggest advantage of men’s pockets after wearing is comfort. Usually, soft materials can be used to wrap the genitals and reduce the oppression and friction of the external sensitive parts.At the same time, like other interesting underwear, men’s pockets can increase the fun experience and improve emotional insight and intimacy.

5. Men’s pocket method of wearing

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After putting on a men’s bag, put the penis in the front bag in front, the testicles are placed in the rear bag, and it is firmly fixed.

6. Suitable for the crowd

Men’s pockets are suitable for all male friends who want to increase the fun experience, especially for those who droop or kidney deficiency.

7. Note

When buying a men’s bag, you need to pay attention to whether the material is suitable for your skin. You can choose the material with higher breathability and softness.In addition, you should pay attention to the tightness when you are worn, and you must not be too tight or too loose.

8. Washing method

The washing method of men’s pockets is usually relatively simple. Use warm water and some special cleaning agents to gently knead.It is recommended not to dry the bleach or dryer to avoid damaging the material and shape.

9. Conclusion

In general, men’s pockets are worthy of trials of sexy lingerie styles. It can enhance your interesting experience and personal charm. However, when buying and wearing, you must pay attention to the material and sizeEssence