Sexy lingerie term

Sexy lingerie term

Understand what is love lingerie term

Sex underwear refers to a special type of underwear used in sexual life.Through naked or exposing specific areas, design unique materials and innovative design, the goal of sexy underwear is irritating sensation and lust.Here are some common terms and meanings of sexy lingerie terms, which is convenient for you to buy and evaluate sexy underwear.

Open crotch underwear

Open crotch underwear is a special type of underwear for sex games.Their design is to facilitate sexual related activities.This type of underwear can be opened or has special pockets in the private parts, so that the wearer can make sexual activities more conveniently.Open crotch panties are usually less fabrics, more exposed and more tempting than traditional underwear.

Lace panties

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Lace underwear is a female underwear with lace decoration.This underwear is usually very transparent and light, which can make the sexy areas of the wearer more exposed and more tempting.Lace underwear has a certain semi -transparentness, which aims to stimulate the sensory stimulus of visual and touch.

Erotic coat

Fun coat is a female top with sexy and sexy elements.This underwear may show prominent parts, such as breasts, smooth shoulders, showing baby oil hips and sexy chest lines to create an atmosphere that helps sexual stimuli.


Stockings are thin socks that can create wonderful visual effects for women’s legs and hips.Stockings are usually made of silk or simulation silk, and can be designed as various colors, shapes and patterns, including various embroidery, lace and mesh structure.Stockings are usually an important part of sexy underwear.

Sexual jacket

Interesting clothes is a whole body clothing that is suitable for sex games or sex activities.Interest jackets usually focus on curve beauty and exposure, with transparent or lace parts, making each part of the body more wonderful.The color, shape, and material of the sex coat can usually match specific sexual fantasy or games.

Erotic bra

Interest bra is a non -traditional bra that is suitable for sexual life.They focus on exposing or highlighting their chests to stimulate visual senses.The sex bra may have lace, hook flowers or other decorations, or specially designed cup types or shoulder straps to emphasize the shape of the chest.

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Interesting supplies

Interesting supplies are props suitable for sex toys and role -playing.These supplies include belt, handcuffs, aes chains, mouthball, leather whip, and so on.Interesting supplies can play an important role in sex toys and role -playing games to increase sexual stimulation and tension.

Erotic essential oil

Interesting essential oil is a special cosmetics used for sex activities.They can include fragrance, cosmetics, bath products, massage oils and other body moisturizers.Interesting essential oils are usually used in sex games or sex activities to increase the stimulus and atmosphere of sensory experience.

black stockings

Black stockings are black stockings, lace or gauze socks.This sock is widely welcomed with its encouraging movie images and the temptation it given.Their materials are usually dark, with slight reflection and perspective.Black stockings can be paired with various sexy underwear to bring users a stronger sexy experience.

Viewpoint of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear plays an important role in sex games and sex activities. They are a special type of underwear for enhancing sexual experience.Understanding the different types and designs of love underwear will help you better choose and evaluate sexy underwear to ensure that you can stimulate the sensory stimulus of you and your consumers, and create a pleasant and satisfactory experience of sexual life and tasks.