Sexy lingerie Baidu network disk

Sexy lingerie Baidu network disk

Understand the type of love underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that can increase interest and sex.They can help improve their emotions, improve their lives, increase sexual attractiveness and self -confidence.

According to styles and uses, there are several types of sexy underwear:

1. Sexy dress

2. Three -point set

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3. bellyband and corset

4. Candy underwear

5. Eye mask handcuffs

The characteristics of sexy dresses

Sexy dress is a charming and sexy underwear. It is a dress that can show your figure.Nina, Twenty, beautiful legs and other brands are more popular.

Pay attention to choose a dress that suits your body.If you are a short girl, choose a long style of dark colors to lengthen the figure.If you are a tall girl, you can try some transparent styles to enhance sexy and charm.

Features of three -point set

The three -point set is a set, consisting of three parts: top, underwear and socks.This underwear makes women feel like a model.The sexy lingerie three -point set design of brands such as Rola, Baci Lingerie, Mapalé, and Honey Birdette is unique. It is rich in color and details, which is very suitable for lovers or couples.

Sexy beauties can choose a more exposed three -point suit. However, if you feel more restrained and shy, you can choose some three -point sets with a longer length and less transparent length.


The characteristics of bellyband and corset

Beltar and corset are a sexy underwear that allows women to be more sexy and charming.It can display the waist, and can increase the breasts of women and increase sexy charm.Brands such as and the transparent texture and lace decoration of brands make women more charming, increasing charm.

When choosing a bellyband or corset, you can choose the right style according to your body.If you have a small chest, you can choose a style with a pad or lace decoration to increase the fullness.If you are a big breast, you can choose a comfortable and supportive style to make your chest more upright and tangible.

Features of candy underwear

Candy underwear is a very attractive erotic underwear.Its material is made of candy or edible glue and can be eaten.This underwear is suitable for lovers to wear and play on special occasions, allowing lovers to enjoy a romantic experience together.

Note that you choose your personal preference flavor or taste to ensure that you are not allergic or uncomfortable.Be careful not to use excessive use, because this may affect your health.

Features of eye masks and handcuffs

Eye masks and handcuffs are a kind of sexy underwear that can increase the taste and passion between lovers.This underwear is suitable for lovers who like SM flirting or explore new gameplay.Many brands of sexy underwear have some styles with silk straps or handcuffs.

When trying these styles, we must follow security suggestions to ensure the intimacy and happiness between lovers.When using any sex underwear, you need to consider hygienic issues.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

In addition to understanding the types and characteristics of love underwear, it is also critical to choose the right underwear.Here are some references:

1. Choose according to your figure

2. Follow the comfort of wearing

3. Pay attention to texture and materials

4. Don’t expose yourself too much

How to buy sexy underwear

Nowadays, it is very easy to buy sexy underwear, and both online malls and physical stores can be purchased casually.Here are some references:

1. Online shopping platform (such as Taobao,

2. Physical sex product store

3. Amazon

How to maintain sexy underwear

Correct maintenance is critical. It can extend the life cycle of your sexy underwear and maintain the sexy and aesthetics of sexy underwear.

1. Wash hand, do not use the washing machine

2. Use neutral detergent

3. Avoid exposure

4. Keep dry between fabrics and do not fold or stack

in conclusion

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you and maintain their sexy and aesthetics.I believe that by understanding different types and characteristics, how to choose and buy, how to moisturize and clean it, you have now mastered the important knowledge of sexy underwear.