Poor reviews sexy underwear joke map

Poor reviews sexy underwear joke map

Love underwear bad review jokes

Interest underwear is an important part of the sexual life of modern couples.They are designed as sexy, charming, amazing, and even cute. Many couples buy sexy underwear to increase sexual interest and create a romantic atmosphere.However, although the sexy underwear has appeared for decades, there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of quality, design and comfort.In this article, we share some interesting sexy lingerie and jokes. You will find that they are very interesting and inspiring, and hope that you will not let you buy such sex underwear.

1. Round fat buttocks

A lady bought a set of sexy underwear in a store. After returning home, I opened it to see that the pants inside were very tight and there were two round fat buttocks below, so she put it on andThe passerby shouted, "Miss your butt is cracked!"

2. Climbing bra

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A woman bought a set of sexy underwear in the store. When she opened the bra’s box, she saw a device with a rope.When the woman put a bra, the tie was tighter and tighter, and she couldn’t breathe.Fortunately, she took her friend during shopping, and finally helped her to unravel the fun bra. Later, the bra was hit into the cold palace like a mountaineering rope.

3. Interesting panties of bad design

A woman fancy a pair of erotic underwear in the store. When she installed her panties, she found that the small jewelry in the pants was very sharp, stabbing her skin, and she had to throw this erotic underwear.In the garbage bin.

4. Long skirt underwear

A woman wanted to wear a long skirt, but when she tried to put on her panties, she found that she had no bottom.When she walked, the whole behind was exposed, and she was criticized by many people on the street.Later, the attention increased.

5. Hard and uncomfortable bra

Some sex underwear bras are designed to be hard and uncomfortable. After wearing it, you almost make you unable to breathe. Even if you barely wear, you will feel very painful.If you don’t want to feel very painful, don’t buy those super hard sexy underwear.

6. After wearing it, I know not to fit up

To buy sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the size and body, but some sexy underwear is very strange. If you want you to know that you do n’t fit after you wear it.When you are wearing a sexy underwear and finding that the mouse is uncomfortable, or if it is not closed, and you can’t completely embrace the people around you, you can only think that it is unlucky and remember that you can be careful next time.

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7. The problem that comes out of the mouth

Some sexy underwear is not very durable, and some give them as toys or gifts to friends, but the problem is that these sexy underwear may have some very strange problems when using it.You are a stain -filled memory.

8. No size label

The size of the sexy underwear is very important, but some merchants have not marked or annotated it.When you put on it, you will find that the size is wrong, either too big or too small. In the end, you will feel very uncomfortable, so that it has no way to add any fun or fun to your life.

9. Body odor bra

A woman purchased a sexy underwear from the store. The taste of the sexy underwear was very unpleasant, and she was almost intolerable.The woman contacted the merchant to solve the matter, but the merchant had never solved the problem, and satisfied that she smelled it.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a very popular and popular clothing in modern society. Careful considerations should be considered before buying.The correct size and comfort will determine the quality of your entire interesting experience.If there is a problem with the sexy underwear purchased, please contact the merchant as soon as possible and make a timely complaint or refund.