Leader’s sexy underwear novels

Leader's sexy underwear novels

Leader’s sexy underwear novels

As a sexy underwear expert, I often receive a variety of questions and questions. One of the most impressive questions is: "What are the fun underwear for leaders?" This question reminds me of a novel, IShare with you.

First meet

I am a young workplace woman. I have been working hard in the company and working well.One day, the leader suddenly talked to me and said that he wanted to cooperate with a project.When I came to his office, he stood there, wearing a formal suit, but gave me a sense of sexy.

Tentile question

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在我们磋商的期间,我忍不住问了他一个问题:“领导,您穿着这样正式的衣服,是不是内衣也很严肃呢?”他微笑着回答:“你知道的,职业装下,情趣Underwear can’t be worn either. "

Start the topic

After listening to his words, I felt curious and asked: "Leader, what are the sexy underwear do you wear?"Share with me.

The gap between the age

He told me that since his teens, he is very interested in sexy underwear.At that time, sexy underwear was still a very mysterious vocabulary in China, but he had already started collecting a variety of sexy underwear.

How to choose underwear

I asked him how he could do so many erotic underwear. He told me that he liked to find his favorite underwear during the trip. Whenever he saw a beautiful underwear, he recovered.And excellent sexy underwear brands are also very sought -after, and it is very expensive abroad. Therefore, getting a favorite underwear outside the plan is a harvest for him.

Diversity of sexy underwear

He also told me that there are a lot of sexy underwear brands, and each brand has its own unique style and culture.He will buy sexy underwear of different styles and styles according to his needs, suitable for different occasions.

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Sex underwear brand recommendation

When I asked him which brand, he carefully recommended me a few brands: "For the first time I tried Gossard, I fell in love with its style, and like the sweet L’Gent By Agent Provocateur, I like exquisite delicate onesChantelle, and the rough splash is suitable for him to be casual. "

Sex underwear matching

He told me that he would match erotic underwear based on the clothes and other accessories he wore to create a different style.For example, with a fashionable stockings, the whole shape will be more sexy.

Secret love

"Leader, are you a bit secretism when you buy a sexy underwear?" I asked curiously."Yes, you think this is an interesting secret," he replied.


For modern women, for modern women, it is no longer just a symbol of sexy, but also a way to present itself and reconstruct life. It has been regarded as a relationship between fashion and private.Therefore, your sexy underwear is not only to satisfy yourself, but also adds more fun to yourself.