Japanese sex lingerie real -life shop name

Japanese sex lingerie real -life shop name


Japan is a country with rich erotic culture. In the sexy underwear sold in the global market, Japan’s sexy underwear brands are one of the most influential brands.In addition to traditional online stores, Japan also has some sexy underwear stores. These shops are mainly composed of experts. They provide customers with the best shopping experience.In this article, we will introduce some of the most popular Japanese sexy underwear live shops.

Lalabit market

Lalabit Market, which is located in Tokyo, is a very popular sexy underwear store. The shop offers various men’s and women’s sexy underwear and sex toys.The atmosphere of the shop is very comfortable, and the staff are very enthusiastic and will put the customer’s needs first.

Love Piece Club

Plus Bow Decor Lace Mesh Babydoll With G-String – Curvy – 16612

Love Piece Club is a famous Japanese sexy underwear brand.They have designed underwear to be more colorful, and now they have become one of the most popular sexy underwear brands in Japan, and the shop atmosphere is also very warm.


Belladonna is another very popular sexy underwear shop in Tokyo. The shop mainly sells women’s sexy underwear.Here customers can find a variety of types of underwear, from sweet to sexy, covering it.

Love Merci

Love Merci is a famous sexy underwear store in Osaka. The store focuses on providing a more fashionable design, and its underwear style is very rich.Store staff are also very helpful, and they will provide customers with the best suggestions.

Smile Angel

Smile Angel is a well -known sexy underwear brand located in Osaka.The brand’s sexy lingerie is unique and welcomed by women.The decoration and design of the shop are full of strong sexy elements and are worthy of the shop.

Joy Lucy

Joy Lucy is another very popular sexy underwear store in Tokyo.The store design is simple and bright, and the staff is enthusiastic. Customers can buy all kinds of sexual emotional interest underwear and sex toys.

Plus Chemise

Beautiful sand

Meisha is a sexy underwear brand in the center of Osaka. The shop environment is quite warm. Many female customers have discovered their favorite sexy underwear here.There are also many types of underwear in beautiful sand, from basic models to complex models.

Angel Sable

Angel Sable is a sexy underwear store in Ikebuka, Tokyo.The underwear styles and brands provided by the store are very diverse, and the staff’s service attitude is also very professional to help customers discover their sexy charm.

Flower Dream

Huadie Meng is a well -known erotic underwear brand in Tokyo. The store mainly provides artistic and retro -style sexy underwear, which aims to allow women to show their charm.

in conclusion

In Japan, there are many sexy underwear shops for customers to choose.These shops are very pursuing perfection in design, styles and services.Customers can choose the most suitable shop according to their preferences and needs, and buy the most sexy charm of sexy underwear.