Fun underwear props series H text

Fun underwear props series H text

Fun underwear props series H text


Interest underwear is not only a wearable product, but also a way to express itself, show sexy, and increase interest.But on the basis of sexy underwear, adding some sexy props can make sexual stimulus stronger.Then, this article will introduce a variety of interesting underwear props to make you more pleasant in the process of sex.


Resting gear is a kind of sex props that can help the partner to control each other’s actions and increase the sense of security and stimulus.For example, handcuffs, feet, mouthball, eye mask, etc. These props can add interest, but also pay attention to safety issues.

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Catwoman dress

Cat women’s dress is a popular type of sexy underwear.This close -fitting clothing can highlight the figure and make women more sexy and charming.At the same time, with catgirl masks, tails and other props, it can more passion for sex.

Love whip

Although it sounds a bit cruel, the whipping of love is still a popular sex prop.This proper can make sex more irritating, and also needs to pay attention to how to use it.

Jumping egg

Jumping eggs are a small and exquisite feature prop, and are often used to bring climax to women.It can be placed in the vagina, and the remote control controls the vibration strength and method, bringing pleasure to women.

SM whip

If you have tried the whip of love, then try the SM whip.There are many types of roads that require more skills to use. For experienced couples, it can give a deeper experience.

Crystal massage stick

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Crystal massage stick is a female masturbation tool that can be placed in women’s vagina when used, providing greater stimulation for sensitive areas.This item also helps desire management and sex skills.

Sexy stockings

Sexy stockings are a very common sexy underwear. It only needs to wear it on the legs to show the sexy and charm of women.In addition, if you cooperate with high -heeled shoes or queen, sex will become more exciting.

Crystal stick remote control

Crystal rod remote control is a special sexy prop, which can control the vibration strength and mode of the crystal stick by the remote controller.You can give the controller to your couple to let him control your climax, or you can control it yourself to increase the sense of control and stimulus.

Tongue expander

The tongue expander is a rare but very popular prop, which can help make the mouth O -type and make the oral sex experience better.It is a safe, practical and interesting sexy underwear props that can add more interest and stimulation to sex.


Interesting underwear props can add more interest and stimulation to sex, and pay attention to security issues.Different props need different use methods, and couples need to explore and try together.When using these props, you must keep a sober mind to ensure that you and your partners can get the greatest degree of joy.