Douyu female anchor sells sexy underwear rubbing the chest

Douyu female anchor sells sexy underwear rubbing the chest

Douyu female anchor rubbing the chest incident

Recently, a news about the female anchor of Douyu’s female anchor selling fun underwear has attracted widespread attention and discussion.What is this incident?


According to reports, a female female anchor sells sexy underwear in the live broadcast, not only showing the style of underwear, but also rubbing her chest to show the effect of underwear.This behavior has caused controversy among many netizens.Some netizens believe that this behavior violates the platform regulations and affects the healthy growth of minors; there are some netizens who think that this is a hype of the female anchor to gain attention and traffic.

What is sexy underwear?

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Interesting underwear is a professional underwear pursuing the beauty of nakedness according to the principles of ergonomics and sexual design, using high -efficiency and reasonable materials, structures, and tailoring methods.The purpose of sexy underwear is to make women experience a more comfortable and confident feeling, and also meet the aesthetic needs of men.Because of this, sexy underwear has been widely welcomed from the beginning.

The relationship between sexy underwear and live broadcast

It is not an illegal or immoral behavior in showing sex underwear in the live broadcast.Many e -commerce live platforms allow anchors to display and sell sexy underwear products.However, these platforms have relevant regulations and restrictions to ensure the health and legitimacy of the live broadcast content.

Whether the behavior of the female anchor is illegal

The female anchor rubbing her chest in the live broadcast is sexual harassment and dishonesty.First of all, the female anchor rubbing her breasts during the live broadcast is not a professional harassment.Secondly, the female anchor did not fully present the actual effect of the product to the person who watched or purchased underwear when selling sexy underwear, that is, the behavior of the female anchor is a kind of dishonesty.

How to regulate webcasting

The development of the network live broadcast industry has brought rich entertainment and cultural resources to users.However, there are also some unavoidable problems, such as false live broadcasts, vulgar live broadcasts, and violent live broadcasts.In order to ensure its sustainable development and the healthy development of the industry, relevant departments should strengthen supervision and standards, formulate corresponding regulations and restrictions, and guide the healthy development of live broadcast platforms and anchors.

Sexy underwear is a choice for women

Whether in real life or webcast, wearing sexy underwear is a free choice for women.Women have the right to choose to show their underwear and methods that are suitable for them, and this choice should not be interfered and judged by others.The tasks of network live broadcast platforms and relevant regulatory authorities are to protect the healthy nature of the network environment and the legitimate rights and interests of users.

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Outlook on webcasting

Webcasting is a vibrant and possibility industry, which will bring us more fun and innovation.However, relevant regulations and restrictions should be strengthened in the webcast to ensure their health and sustainable development, and at the same time, they must respect women’s autonomy and options.Only in this way can we continue to bring us more fun and value to us.


Douyu female anchor sells sexy underwear and rubbing breasts, showing some of the bad phenomena and problems existing in the live broadcast industry.We should face up to these problems and solve it. At the same time, we should also protect women’s autonomy and options, so that online live broadcasts can bring us more fun and value.