DIY self -made sexy underwear

DIY self -made sexy underwear

DIY self -made sexy underwear


Want to try some fun and interesting things, DIY self -made erotic underwear is a good choice.This can not only satisfy your curiosity, but also save expenses to a certain extent.However, many factors need to be considered in the process of entering DIY, especially for those who have no experience.Next, this article will provide you with some DIY self -made sexy lingerie skills and tricks.

1. Tie style

Stroke is a very popular element in sexy underwear.Because it allows you to easily adjust the size, suitable for people with various figures.You can use silk, belt, hemp rope, rope or any material you want.First bypass the material through the body, then cross the chest, and tie it.If you want to feel more Swan, you can put the tie outside the skirt.

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2. Lace lace

No matter how ordinary pants or corsets, with a little lace lace, it will become an individual style of sexy underwear.Try to sew some sequins or beads on the lace, which will make your sexy underwear more eye -catching.

3. neckline decoration

Adding some modifications at the neckline of the sexy underwear is another creativity.You can use lace, fabric, sequins or beads.You can open a small mouth at the neckline and sew the modified object on it.Such sexy underwear will make you more outstanding.

4. Bow style

Bows are one of the oldest and common elements.You can add some small and cute bows to the sexy underwear, which will make your sexy underwear more cute and playful.

5. Sequenant decoration

If you want to make your sexy underwear sparkle, you can use sequins for decoration.You can sew them in the right place, or on the stage to make your performance more eye -catching.You can also use a thin sequin film. This method is to put the sequin on sexy underwear, which will make your sexy underwear more shiny.

6. Tattoo style


If you like tattooing style of sexy underwear, you can stick tattoos is the best choice, which can help your sexy underwear different.If you are worried that they may fall off, you can use a special glue called "tattoo glue", which can make tattoos hanging on sexy underwear and not easy to fall off.

7. Conjusational design

One of the most popular styles in addition to some common styles.Adding some metal styles or rivets on it will make you brave and bold. You can’t stop it.

8. patent leather material

Pacific leather is one of the common materials in sexy underwear.Use different styles of patent leather materials in different sexy parts, such as chest, waist, or thighs. This approach can easily catch the eyes of others and make you more attractive.

9. Net eye design

Net eye material is one of the very common content in sexy underwear design.Use mesh materials to make a heart -shaped design may make you more sexy and charming.

10. Handle

Furry is a rare design method in sexy underwear, but it is also very interesting and attractive to attract eyeballs.Add some black and white wool strips or wool on sexy underwear to make your sexy underwear more friendly and cute, more interesting.

in conclusion

The above is some practical skills and precautions for making sexy underwear. I hope this article can provide you with useful information.In the process of creative, you need to try and change according to your preferences to make your imagination and creativity a reality.By making fun underwear by yourself, it can not only satisfy your creativity and curiosity, but also allow you to bring more fun and fun to daily life while sexy and fun.