Chapter Chapter Two -Head Dragon and Sex Underwear


The existence of sexy underwear is to make people enjoy the joy in the process of sex.And if you add some irritating toys, you can make sex more interesting.Among them, the double -headed dragon is one of the popular toys.This article will discuss the connection and cooperation of double -head dragon and sexy underwear, and how to choose the right sexy underwear to match the double -head dragon.

What is double -headed dragon?

Two -headed dragon is a toy that can be inserted or used for stimulation.It can be used alone or together to become a irritating tool between couples.This toy often has two plugs of different sizes, which can bring different degrees of pleasure at different levels.Some double -headed dragons are designed like V -shaped. This style can easily make more close contact when used.

The benefits of sexy underwear and double -headed dragons

The common point of sexy underwear and double -headed dragons is that they can make people get more excitement in sex.In particular, fun underwear allows you to put on various sexy suits on your body to better show your charm.Use with double -headed dragons, sexy underwear can stimulate all parts of the body, making sex more exciting.

How to choose the right sexy underwear?

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear is essential to match the double -headed dragon.The following are some factors that need to be paid attention to when choosing fun underwear:

Material, comfort and quality;

Size and style suitable for figure;

Color, style and design style;

Suitable for different places, occasions and corresponding toys.

If you have an unusual hobby or some unique needs, you can buy tailor -made sexy underwear. Whether it is a sense of wrapping or decorative effect on the body, it can achieve better results.

How to cooperate with double -head dragon and sexy underwear?

Before using the double -headed dragon and sexy underwear, we must first confirm the wishes and hobbies of the two, and use the way both sides are satisfied with the basis of respecting each other.

When you start using double -headed dragons, you can try to use it alone for a period of time to try different postures and movements to obtain different stimuli.When you think you already have a certain confidence and experience, you can start using double -headed dragons with sexy underwear.

In specific operations, there are many options.You can consider the woman wearing sexy underwear, and the man uses a double -headed dragon to stimulate.You can also wear sexy underwear, and use double -headed dragons on each other’s body.Of course, the specific usage method should be appropriately changed and explored according to the preferences of both parties.

What do you need to pay attention to?

Both the use of double -headed dragons or sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Hygiene and cleaning;

How to use it correctly;

Gently and respect each other;

Replace regularly.

Don’t forget to clean and replace products regularly, especially after product use, storage and use scenarios, you need to pay attention to.

Why do I need to use sexy underwear and double -headed dragons?

Using sexy underwear and double -headed dragons in sex can bring more excitement and joy to both parties, which can increase the emotional connection and intimacy between the two, especially for lovers who have reached the road of long -distance love, use theseTools can better increase their fun and passion.

in conclusion

With two -headed dragon and sexy underwear are undoubtedly one of the ways to make sex more interesting and exciting.Before choosing the right product, you need to understand the characteristics of various products and purchase precautions.At the same time, we need to pay attention to hygiene and security, increase joy and stimulation while not forgetting safety and health.

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