Breaking Dragmur’s Underwear Villagers Photo Picture

Breaking Dragmur's Underwear Villagers Photo Picture

Breaking Dragmur’s Underwear Villagers Photo Picture

Chest shape decision cup selection

Women’s chest shape and size are the key factor in choosing a cup.For women with explosive milk, you must pay attention not to be too small when choosing a cup.Too small cups will squeeze the chest, not only easy to cause discomfort, but also does not play a correct support.It is recommended to choose some steel trays or sexy lingerie with inner lining to better shape the chest shape.

Pay attention to breathability of fabric selection

The fabric of sexy underwear is also a very important factor, especially for women with burst.In order to ensure the comfort of wearing, it is recommended to choose materials with better breathability, such as cotton, innocent silk or similar fabrics.At the same time, choosing transparent or translucent fabrics will have better visual effects.

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Pay attention to the matching of sexy underwear and figure

The choice of sexy underwear is important, but it also needs to be better matching.For women with explosive milk, we must choose a style that can show sexy and beautiful backlines.For women with more prominent figures, it is more important to choose some styles with better functional.

Selection of color and pattern

Colors and patterns are also very important for sexy underwear.Black and red are always the most popular choices, because these colors can quickly improve your sexy and charm.At the same time, you can also choose some sexy patterns, such as lace, leather and mesh, etc., highlight your curve and mystery.

Choose a better sexy match

If you are willing to try, you can wear sexy underwear with sexy XX to get better performance.If your body is very prominent, you may be more willing to choose some sexy underwear with a sense of restraint. These sexy underwear can focus on highlight your curve.

Pay attention to comfort

Don’t play with the appearance of sexy underwear to show off your personal sex.The comfort of wearable needs to be considered first.Therefore, choosing some full and comfortable liquid -lining sex underwear has higher comfort.At the same time, do not excessively tight, easily affect breathing and health.

The necessity of sports bra for bursting milk


For outdoor sports enthusiasts in winter, especially for female burst women, it is very important to choose a necessary sporty sexy underwear. Such erotic underwear usually has better sweat absorption and breathability and stronger support.Functions to better protect your health.

Pay attention to details and accessories matching

Finally, the selection process of sexy underwear should also pay attention to details and accessories.For example, choosing the right underwear or stockings can more effectively improve the overall temperament and beauty.In addition, some artificial or jewelry details can also make people’s eyes shine.

Make the best choice in combination with personal style

All in all, choosing a sexy lingerie style that suits you needs to consider many factors, including professional knowledge, body curve, fabric quality, color and pattern, comfort, details and accessories, sports sexy underwear and other factors.Combining your own personality and style, making the best choice is the most important.

** Views: ** Breaking milk women need to pay special attention to support and comfort when choosing sexy underwear, and also make the best choice in combination with their own style and personality, present the most beautiful curve, and become the most confident women who are the most confident