2017 Guangzhou Fun Underwear Show

2017 Guangzhou Fun Underwear Show

2017 Guangzhou sex underwear show: leading the new trend of yellow economic and cultural trends

On November 22, 2017, a dazzling sexy underwear show was held in the Poly International Convention and Exhibition Center of Pazhou.As a modern show with a strong Chinese charm, this sexy lingerie show brings together various styles of sexy underwear and advances towards the goal of global culture and fashion feast.This article analyzes this sexy underwear show from multiple aspects, so that you can better understand the trend of modern sexy underwear.

A variety of sexy lingerie styles

This sexy underwear shows various styles of sexy lingerie styles. It not only includes high -end fashion -style underwear from Europe and the United States, but also Chinese -style sexy lingerie with oriental charm, which also includes a variety of sexy adult sexy underwear.The fun underwear style of different styles is dazzling, showing the beauty of fashion and sexy.

Rich sexy underwear design elements

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In addition to different styles, the design elements of sexy underwear are also very rich.Bright colors, rich patterns, chic tailoring and peculiar decoration are one of the core elements.Rich design elements make sexy underwear more attractive and meet the needs of people’s pursuit of personality and uniqueness.

Diversity of sexy lingerie fabrics

Interest underwear fabric is also a very critical design element.In this sexy underwear show, fiber fabrics, silk fabrics and pure cotton fabrics are mainly cotton fabrics. At the same time, silk cotton mixed fabrics and Korean gauze fabrics are also introduced.The optimization of these fabrics makes the sexy underwear more fit the skin, so that the body can feel more care and comfort.

Sexy underwear style matching combination is more personalized

The chic design and diverse fabrics are the core elements of sexy lingerie styles, but matching is also very important.The combination of different elements can create different effects. According to different needs, choosing different mixes is also a personalized performance.The complementary match also sublimates the fashionable beauty of the entire sexy underwear.

Interesting of sexy underwear brand competition

The sex underwear market has shown a continuous growth trend in the past few years, and the brands have also fiercely competed.The brand competition is ultimately reflected in the service, quality and price of consumers, and this competition has further promoted the progress and development of the sex underwear industry.

The trend of sexy underwear industry is becoming increasingly diversified


More and more sexy underwear brands are constantly consolidating and broadening their leadership position in the market, and the diversification of the brand is constantly presenting.The diversified trend of the sexy underwear industry will make sexy underwear further expand the brand while better meet the needs of consumers.

The age of management

Management and control has become the only way for the development of sexy underwear. From product management, supply chain management, marketing management, brand management to employee management.Only by establishing a comprehensive management system can the sexy underwear industry steadily move forward.Therefore, in all aspects, strengthening the management of sexy underwear will become the key to the success of the industry.

Consumers advocate health and environmental protection evaluation standards

Nowadays, the concept of ecology and health has always been advocated, and the sex brand has once again strengthened the connection with the times and the environment. Awareness of the importance of health and environmental protection issues, the impact of harmful substances and waste in the production process of sexy lingerie has fallen.To the lowest.Consumers’ health and environmental evaluation standards for sexy underwear will become a key reference standard in the future.

New trend of equality with personality and quality

The sexy underwear industry is developing in the direction of personalized and quality, leading the emerging markets of yellow economy and culture.In the sexy underwear industry, the quality of the personality can create more open, free, and sexy sexy lingerie styles, which will make the sex underwear industry more dynamic and greater development potential.


The sex underwear market is moving towards more personalized, quality, and healthy and environmental protection as its core.In the face of the fierce competition and diversification of the brand, in addition to promoting the improvement and improvement of the management system, it is more concerned and meets consumer needs, in order to set off a new round of competition in the fun underwear industry.We look forward to the future development of the sexy underwear industry. I believe it will fully adapt to consumers’ needs and bring us more remarkable fashion and beauty.